Laatikkomo Project: six degrees of photography

A true honor to be a part of the Laatikkomo Project in Jyväskylä, Finland. My exhibition will be the 17th of September to the 8th of October.

My interview

"Laatikkomo can be translated into English as “Box Gallery”, and as its name suggests, it is a large, outdoor, glassed-in, box-frame in Jyväskylä, Finland. The intention of this project/gallery is to present an accurate, worldwide cross section of photography today.

According to the theory of the Hungarian writer, Frigyes Karinthy, and proven by American psychologist, Stanley Milgram, we are able to know everyone in the world, through 6 people (six degrees of separation).

Laatikkomo is an artist run project/gallery. In 2013 we received some funding from the local art councils and foundations to start a 3- year project and we just received a new grant to extend the project another 2-3 years! The project began with six photographers from the six continents. We initially presented one image for 2 weeks but  for this second period we will show one image from each artist for three weeks and rotate between the links. We began with Europe 1 - Asia 2 - Australia 3- Africa 4 - South America 5 - North America 6and then repeat through that order with different artists from different places" --Laatikkomo

Thank you Sarah Lawrie for choosing me ♥

Laatikkomo has received support from the following Finnish sources:
The Arts Council of Central Finland
The National Council for Photographic Art
The Jyväskylä Arts and Science Foundation





opening night!

The 11 year Anniversary Open Studios celebration

 at Santa Monica Art Studios tonight  6-9 pm 
and Sunday, October 18, 1-5 pm. 
"Thirty eight painters, print makers, photographers, sculptors and mixed media artists will open their studios for the event. Each artist will have a piece in a silent auction both on Saturday and Sunday."

In conjunction with the Open Studios, Arena 1 will open “The Cuban Show ""


It's an honor to be invited by Yossi Govrin to display several silver gelatin prints at the
 Santa Monica Art Studios in the historic airport hanger.  
I'm truly grateful and I invite all of you in the LA area to come and visit.  
I will be in one of the hanger galleries to exhibit from Sept. 12 to Oct. 3, 2015 in conjunction with the Kinetic Show: LA in the Arena I Gallery which looks to be very exciting with many sublime interactive installations.  
Opening reception is Saturday, Sept. 12, 7 to 10 pm.

Santa Monica Art Studios
3026 Airport Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 310.397.7449 Fax: 310.397.7459
Public Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 12 to 6


Gregg Chadwick

Yossi Govrin

thank you all for coming out!

Lin Tianmiao - Artist

Bound Unbound

7 September 2012 - 27 January 2013

"One of Lin Tianmiao’s clearest recollections of her childhood in China was helping her mother sew clothes for the family. When she returned to China after spending eight years living in New York, she was inspired by this memory to create a technique she calls thread winding, where she winds silk or cotton thread around an object until it is completely covered and ultimately transformed. She used this in one of her first major works calledThe Proliferation of Thread Winding in 1995, which began her career as an artist and is included in the exhibition. Her use of the technique continues today and can be seen in such recent works as All the Same.

Lin Tianmiao’s paintings, sculptures, and installations have always been about a series of dual tensions. These are frequently played out in her works through contrasts between materials, but they are also evident in binary themes such as male versus female, function versus form, and physical versus psychological experience. Underlying all of these themes is a keen exploration of a physical experience, at times emphasizing the female body. We see this in the works Chatting and Mothers!!!.
Lin is one of only a handful of women artists of her generation born in the 1960s to have emerged during the 1990s when the Chinese art world was coming of age and gaining substantial international recognition. Her works over the past twenty years are as much about her personal journey as an artist as they are about a desire to articulate broader social issues. Through her focus on a female experience, she comments on the enormous social progress made in Chinese society during Mao Zedong’s tenure, yet she hints that some promises remain unfulfilled. Her consistent exploration of these issues, sometimes latent, makes her a significant artist of our time. This exhibition represents Lin Tianmiao’s first major solo exhibition in the United States.
Bound Unbound: Lin Tianmiao is part of Asia Society's yearlong programmatic focus on China, titled China Close Up."

725 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Mobile Arts Festival

A gallery of images shot with the three-lens Olloclip iPhone accessory gives a taste of what's to come what organisers are saying is the world's largest 'mobile arts' festival. The L.A. Mobile Arts Festival begins this Saturday at the Santa Monica Art Studios in Los Angeles, California.
The nine-day event will encompass not just camera phone photography, but also video, sculptural and performance art related to mobile devices.
The event will showcase upwards of 600 individual works created by more than 240 artists from over 30 countries around the world. Submissions came not only by email, but in keeping with the newfangeled spirit, also via Twitter and Instagram.
“This is a celebration of this young medium,” said Nathaniel Park, co-founder of, which organized the festival.

The work of Helen Breznik (Instagram handle helenbreznik) will be included in the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival, which starts this Saturday and will feature 600 mobile art images and video, sculptural and performance installations.

Further work will be showcased online once the festival is under way, beginning next week.

Nancy Berry ~ For the Dance of the Light

Nancy Berry: For the Dance of the Light – Friday, May 18
·         Posted By: Kathy M.Y. Pyon
·         Posted On: 8:32 a.m. | May 12, 2012
·         VENUE:
Pacific Design Center
·         VENUE LINK:
8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B315- 3rd Floor, West Hollywood, CA 90069

·         VENUE TIMES:
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
·         VENUE DATES:
"Nancy Berry was a highly successful music industry executive who only began making photographs six years ago. Completely self-taught, she has turned her sense of style and exploration into a visual journey of experimentation. The body of work presented for this one-day show at the Pacific Design Center was created with natural light and her creative sense — and all in camera, rather than by manipulation after the image is made. The craziest process that Berry applies is what makes me screech with delight. By her sheer confidence and boldness, she actually destroys whatever element she has utilized to create the lighting effects. I don’t know if I could do such a thing.
The pieces are beautiful and whimsical. And some are haunting while being beautiful and whimsical."
Caption: Have You Seen the Saucers, 2012 by Nancy Berry

Courtesy of the LA Times.
It was an esteemed honor to be invited to Nancy's opening last night.  Beautifully located at the PDC commonly known as the "Blue Whale," nestled in the heart of West Hollywood.  I arrived only minutes late and unfashionably early for LA. meeting a beautiful friend there not wanting to keep her waiting.  We were guided to the terrace offering gorgeous views of Cesar Pelli's 14 acre design planked against an amazing LA sunset.

I've always been a fan of Nancy's work exchanging thoughts with her on Flickr for the past three years but I wasn't prepared for the immense feeling that came over me when I entered through the glass doors.  You first see "After Midnight"  a gorgeous and explicably grand 60x44 archival Giclee print framed to perfection.  Because I was so unfashionable this allowed Jane and I to walk throughout the gallery before most of the guests arrived.  167 flawless prints on canvas and archival giclee of a mermaid like goddess of un-mistakable courageousness. Each displayed in 7 rooms and one side room.

I first saw Nancy in the Yellow Room filled with canvas's of "In Rainbow Shadowed Trees," with her shoes kicked off beside her.  I was struck by her beautiful humility and her warm radiance. I resisted the urge to hug too tightly as I was swept by the energy and excitement in the room.

While in the Blue Room I had an ethereal urge to smell the salt of the sea once again.  The boldness and romantic feel, the intricate and flawless use of light left me astonished that these were the images I once saw on Flickr.

The party began to fill with the art world from actors to writers to painters to musicians and photographers.   I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming for surreal was the atmosphere and the vibe.

The Black Room in which Nancy's "Koln Diaries," were displayed - my favorite series from her trip abroad last year, over flowed with a sea of brilliant people mostly dressed in their best trendy blacks all there to give their loving support of her.Their backdrop a menagerie of vivid and sensuous black and whites.  It was a pleasure meeting some of them, an experience I'm not likely to forget.

After saying goodnight to my lovely friend Jane and buzzing from the magic of the evening I began my decent home.  Getting a little turned around, around San Vicente Blvd.  I looked for my familiar spot of La Brea turning down a side street, a car erratically turned in front of me crashing into a tree.  Before I could reach for my iPhone they sped off leaving their bumper and debris behind them.  Any other night this would have been the event I suppose but I rarely breathed a word of it today reeling from Nancy Berry's extraordinary event.

Her exhibit has been extended to Sunday and if you are in the LA area I highly recommend you take a trip to the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Ave. to soak in the astonishing visions of this remarkable woman.

Thank you Nancy for generously sharing your art!




love pure
"love pure" by Nancy Berry

Muestra Fotoperformance

***E x h i b i t i o n*** 

  September 27, 2011
 October 31, 2011

Photo by, Karine Burckel

Simona Desio
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: “plegaria al orgasmo”

M.Fernanda Najera Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: "Lumiè "

Natalia Meskutavicius
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Melisa Cañas
Obra: “pies”
Cordoba, Argentina

Diane Powers
California U.S.A.
Obras: “Spells and Wishing Wells” 

Karine Burckel
París, Francia

Juana Mauri
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leticia Martinez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: “ella es”

Fabiana Barreda
Buenos Aires, Argentina
obra:Chica Plastica : Eva 

Elisabeth Gardner. Nuevo Mexico U.S.A.
obra: last dance slice shifter shifter 5 

Talìa Guntern
Obra: “Viaje al cielo”
Talìa Guntern
Introducción a mi Viaje al Cielo

Magali Costa
Obra: "Cada ciudad puede ser otra"

Mariana Copello
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: “ALMAnaque fotopoético”

Marisa Salinas
Mendoza, Argentina
Obra: “Asalto al Tiempo”

Ana Sandra Caldas Franco de Lisboa, Portugal
Obra: “Photomaton”

Inauguración martes 27 de septiembre 19hs.
Alvarez Thomas 1533

21 hs Charla Mujeres autoras directoras
con: Fabiana Barreda-Andrea Servera-Agustina Gatto
bar de comida rica y refrescos

Muestra Fotoperformance
by the
Granate Galería

circle of women / fotopreformance

Collective Exhibition:
September 27, 2011 to October 31, 2011

"(Auto)Retratar, abrir, usar, abusar, mirar: dentro-fuera.
Penetrar, explotar, reflejar.
No dejar ir lo que está hacerlo fuerte, crear hacia los lados del reflejo que crea y recrea materia luz y sombra, visibilidad, visión, vista.
El ojo es un otro.
Comunica subjetividad en una otra retina y para adentro.

Yo es otro.
Soy más acá y allá."

este statement ha sido escrito con la colaboración de elisabeth gardner y paula castagnetti

A yearning for art and nostalgia.  The Spells and Wishing Wells look toward an intuition of oneself through the notion of fate and fable.  Perceptions of a mask of secret longings and delicate exploitations leads to the haunting questions of destiny and a time lost.
 -- Diane Powers

"We invite you to participate in open discussions that will take place in theatrical space within the Garnet women writers-directors cycle. These talks will be focused on the artistic and professional work of Gatto Agustina, Andrea Servera and Fabiana Barreda. The coordination of the table will be by Natalia Fernandez Acqui.
I ncluirá fotoperformance a collective exhibition in the Gallery , and its theater program works, " Paris in America "by Paula Herrera, Saturday at 20.30hs from 17 / 9 and" Brick "Camilla Fabbri, Saturdays 23hs from the 3 / 9"

granate galería