What I want

I want to live beyond your scorn...
to be touched in those places only you can touch.

What I Want

I want
I want
I want a look that does not make fun of my lungs
I want a spring that has not matured
I want to share a Spring
I am the queen of my heart thanks love
I want when I wake up sleepers participant
I want a spring that does not want the summer
And a spring that takes me by surprise
To soothe my moods
I want the blood which is not without injury
And injuries not blinded by the blood
I want
I want
I want the darkness to reveal themselves to me
And a light that I do not discover
I want to exile a way that the return does not cross
I want a free Iliad Odyssey
I want poems that go beyond the shame of surprise
In consumption and other poems
That nestle in the shadow of words
I want a word that takes care of my silence
and peace which are equivalent excuse and pity
I want a question that does not take my answers
I want a father who does not forget me and a father that I forget
I want
I want
I want a race between freedom and sighs
I want to celebrate the kings who lost their crown
I want birds that do not jeopardize their wings
In the hermitage of the grain
I want a language that does not disturb the future
I want a polished stone in the silence of the well
I want to laugh at the roots of despotism branches
I want a howl that will shake up the wolves
I want high roofs to small towns
I want to thunder that does not deal kindly
In a flash of lightning and not rush into the clouds
I want
I want
I want to hold the ashes of a fire
I want a word that sounds collide
I want a long winding attracts dreams
I want all Arab women who hope to love
And men loyal to their man's name
I want
I want
I want the streets like ships and space
Where my soul can remember of my flesh
Abdul Rahman al-Touhmazi 1946 (Samarra, Iraq)

Photography by, Evgeniy Shaman