...There’s unexpected peace here and everyone looks into your eyes.  I’ve never seen you before, but I know you.  I know, I know, it’ll be OK.  We’ll be OK.  You do feel this, don’t you?  I know you do I can see it in those affectionate brown eyes of yours.  Beautiful sad eyes.  Eyes filled with perceptive thought which looks directly into my soul with nothing but love.  It’s quiet here too, but not lonely.  What’s that feeling?  Do you ever wonder what would happen if you got twenty people in a room all with an accepted wisdom, in other words everyone thinking the same thing?  That’s what it is! That’s what unity feels like.  Are we actually standing united as they say? This is what it took... murder.

I’m alone now with the many rows of postal boxes. The sound of my key turning in the lock makes a hallow echo in the corridor, it’s tangible I can almost taste the dirty metal grinding in the chamber.  Every nuance of this day is amplified and ultra sensitive and at the same time on the edge of numbness... 

...Look at us.  Just look at how we are all going at the same pace like a well constructed symphony.  Every blinker in tact, complete stops and not a California roll in site.  No shoving, no pushing, no rushing, no cussing, no cutting and no random acts of kindness.  Just simple common courtesy across the board from everyone nothing random about it!  OK, how weird is this?  What is happening here?  Why is this happening to us?  Why do they hate us so much?  What did we do to them?  Are we being punished?  For what?  Why do they hate us?  I want to be mad but my heart just hurts and this pain only makes me weep...

11:40 am.  Pacific Time
September 11, 2001.

Art work by Leya Mira Brander.