Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton

At the market today I found myself entranced by this elderly gentleman in line right in front of me. He was dressed elegantly in his crisp white shirt and loose trousers. He moved very gingerly with purpose and care. I’d say he was in his mid eighties perhaps. I began thinking... what was he like in his day, a ladies man of course, charming at the very least. I imagined by the way in which he carried himself, that self assurance and enjoyment, meant a well lived life. I began un-loading his cart with him. He looked into my eyes and smiled and I swear I saw a sparkle in his. My posture straightened with poise reminiscent of my dance days as a child. I think even my voiced changed a bit.

When he was done with his business he turned to me before leaving and said, “I wish you nothing but joy Miss.” Caught me by surprise and for some reason I can’t stop smiling today. When I got home I wanted to run and play Billie Holiday records, draw and drink cappuccino. However, I have no Billie Holiday records I don’t even have a record player anymore. So I reach for some Nina Simone. Cappuccino? Try Folgers, I don't drink coffee to tell you the truth. As for the drawing, I assure you when I'm done sketching he will have some sort of hat on even though I'm pretty sure he wasn't wearing one. I think of a friend whom I miss who spoke with such intellect and grace. I do hope he comes back soon!

Just a moment in a lifetime of moments.

Written for deviantArt December 1, 2007.