do I dare disturb the universe.jpg
you are a midwest poem.jpg
mary pickford had a story.jpg
6 day to Muncie.jpg
a breeze in Indiana.jpg
an American picnic heart's a needle.jpg
an American picnic siblings.jpg
an American picnic.jpg
bare root.jpg
choices mark an ending wait.JPG
Evelyn's Song.jpg
family album237e.jpg
family pet.jpg
father's day.jpg
I tie the knots to remember in my heart.jpg
i'm your sweet wreakage.jpg
indiana (2).jpg
It's last call somewhere in the world.jpg
I've tried the new moon tilted in the air.jpg
laundry day.jpg
libby and a hedge.jpg
life is but a dream.jpg
outside a kitchen window.jpg
Basquiat Strings.jpg
her name was Grace Savage.jpg
outside libby's room.jpg
outside the walls.jpg
sisters three.jpg
The darkening garden .  Nothing stirs..jpg
the detail of her dress (2).jpg
the detail of her dress.jpg
the good sister.jpg
the measure of her hands.jpg
the road 3.jpg
untitled (2).jpg
we stopped in a field.jpg
when I have fears that I may cease to be.jpg
winter roots and lovely bones.jpg
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